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  • Mobile Patrols and Alarm Response

  • Mobile Patrols and Alarm Response

    The primary purpose of a patrol officer is to deter criminal activity and report any abnormal/irregular conditions they may find while driving through the property. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, property damage, lights out or unsecured doors/access points. Patrol officers also respond to property alarms thus reducing calls to the police department, which can result in charges.

    We currently deploy patrol vehicles to provide this specialized, response-oriented service, which combines the ability to respond to customer needs “after hours” with the visibility provided by professionally marked patrol vehicles.

    By “clustering” our mobile patrol customers, we are able to provide alarm response and customer response services with commissioned officers in professionally marked and outfitted patrol vehicles. Using mobile communications and dispatch support, officers are able to respond to and discharge calls. Because our zones of operation are designed around response times, we are able, in most cases, to offer regular nightly tours of the premises to provide additional visibility and deterrence. Officers are also able to perform “night watchman” type duties for customers located within their zone, such as door and perimeter checks, as well as inspections that are more detailed.

    Watson Security Services has experience providing mobile patrol services for the following types of properties: Apartments, Banks, Government Buildings, Commercial Office Buildings, Condominiums, Factories, Hotels / Motels, Medical Buildings, Parking Facilities, Churches, Retail, Schools, Community Associations, Storage Facilities, Industrial Properties, and many more.

    Parking Enforcement

    Our approach to parking enforcement features regularly scheduled patrol routes complimented with our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology. Our customizable app allows the officers the ability to quickly cite vehicles that are not permitted to park on your property and the officers can easily determine whether the parking violation requires immediate towing or just a warning citation.

  • How It Works

    Watson Security Services employs a fleet of various sedans used for services.  They are all well marked with reflective signage for maximum deterrence value.  All have high visibility light bars with alley lights and driver side spotlights for enhanced nighttime deterrence.  We staff the Patrol Division with our highest level of armed/unarmed security officers.  These are all specially trained and licensed officers, qualified to respond to almost any emergency situation.  Their task is to randomly visit your contracted location a number of times per day or night (number and length to be determined) assuring all areas to be in normal operating parameters.