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  • Uniformed Security

  • Uniformed Security

    Watson Security Uniformed Officers provide superior results. In many cases these Security Officers directly represent our clients to the general public. Therefore we attract, screen and retain the best and brightest human talent our markets can bear. We use enhanced behavioral assessment tools, multiple level interviews, drug tests and background screening processes. All Uniformed Officers undergo guard card verification and criminal background checks before employment is offered.  We not only adhere to contract security industry standards, we exceed them.

    Security Officer Levels and Types

    The job description of a security guard has evolved remarkably over the last several decades. Long gone are the days of unqualified, unprofessional guards milling about aimlessly with a flashlight and coffee thermos. Today's security applications demand a number of specialties and levels of sophistication. Watson Security Services, maintains several such specialties and levels of training required for our clients. Below are the main categories;


    • Public Safety Professional - Current, Off-duty or recently retired Police Officers.
    • Security Officer I - Current or former military duty, degree or significant college coursework in criminal justice, high caliber customer service/problem solving/public relations skills
    • Security Officer II - Extensive contract security background, supervisory experience, proven customer service skills, excellent report writing skills, years of experience at King Security
    • Security Officer III- Basic security officer, trained to BSIS standards along with King Security Service, Inc. required training, basic customer service and report writing skills.


    • Government Services Officer - Special background clearance, special training, high degree of reliability under pressure and professionalism in all circumstances
    • Patrol Officer – Security Officer I or II (depending on assignment) security officer with assigned marked patrol vehicle and special equipment
    • Armed Officer - High level officer with firearm and defensive weapon specific training/license, high degree of reliability under pressure and professionalism in all circumstances
    • Secured Transport Officer - High level officer trained in non-violent crisis intervention, transport safety and high degree of reliability in all circumstances
    • Loss Prevention Agent - Specially trained and observant store detectives, proven investigative and report writing ability, able to blend in well with assigned environment
    • Executive Protection Agent - High level officer with specific law enforcement or military training for dignitaries, proven high degree of reliability under pressure and professionalism in all circumstances
    • Security Officer - General security services assignment, training and level specific to individual posting

    Although specific types of officers and assignments are above, our services change to meet the needs and requirements of the market. We pride ourselves on being large enough to handle all your contract security needs while being flexible in order to incorporate your individual requirements.

  • Armed Security

    Armed security services are appropriate for high risk details, such as banks, construction sites, jewelry and department stores. These agents undergo a comprehensive vetting process and are chosen for their vast field experience and expertise. Armed Security personnel are available 24-hours per day and can usually be deployed within 4-hours. Our armed officers are are the best in the industry and are licensed and trained in;

    • Maryland Guard Card
    • Maryland Carry Permit
    • First Aid trained and certified
    • Pepper Spray equipped
    • Baton equipped